Chainsaw Man is Great, BUT...
This Manga Destroyed Me.
this manga is just... WOW.
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K C Prieš 14 val
I genuinely thought that was going to lead with "This video is going to be extremely depressing"
The Bacon Family / Rodzina Bekonu
The Bacon Family / Rodzina Bekonu Prieš 14 val
Damn that’s weird
nedu maran
nedu maran Prieš 14 val
Ok I have to accept that this guy is a anime psychic
ld tall
ld tall Prieš 14 val
i was eating noodles while watching this gosh i got full
Ahmad Alif Hashim Rosli
Ahmad Alif Hashim Rosli Prieš 14 val
Nah I've been a BELMONT ALL MY LIFE!!! Edit: Damn Im sold on the idea of Fire Punch
Kevin san
Kevin san Prieš 14 val
Read Juujika no Rokunin, its amazing!
Kyrshanborlang Kurkalang
Kyrshanborlang Kurkalang Prieš 14 val
Joey plz review JJK
Iqbal POYOlebih
Iqbal POYOlebih Prieš 14 val
Chainsaw man is meh
Juan Jenin
Juan Jenin Prieš 14 val
after reading fire punch, i would say, fujimoto is a crackhead genius.
Thomas Edwards
Thomas Edwards Prieš 14 val
Was meh on chainsaw man and fire punch don't think the author works for me.
Abhi Prieš 14 val
Do you hate konosuba???
Speedwagonゴ ゴ
Speedwagonゴ ゴ Prieš 14 val
Joe: complains that it's 33 degrees outside Me in Greece: *38 degrees*
NoXiOuS BiShu
NoXiOuS BiShu Prieš 14 val
"Agni" from Sanskrit language literally translates into "Fire"
Sin Ying Tan
Sin Ying Tan Prieš 14 val
I wish we could get more dark fantasy-themed anime like Castlevania, instead of isekai shows ...
You know nothing
You know nothing Prieš 14 val
Am I the only one who didn’t like Spirited Away?
Nahravky Prieš 15 val
Im pissed that Castlevania is not on Anilist T_T
Seandreas Bros
Seandreas Bros Prieš 15 val
9 points
ShadowBlade Prieš 15 val
I don't want to be that guy but when the "Monthly Otaku collection" comes up it still says "June 2021" but it should be "July 2021". I also find it really funny that 5 seconds later he puts up "July" on the screen.
Roi Digital Craft
Roi Digital Craft Prieš 15 val
ok mantab mantab
AkaneKatra Prieš 15 val
I would be so intimidated. It probably made you so nervous when he said "Don't cross your arms" and "you need to introduce yourself!"
David Wollmer, Jr.
David Wollmer, Jr. Prieš 15 val
The only Ghibli movie I could ever see and enjoy multiple times is Princess Monoke. Most of them are kind of boring, to me.
DaWolfPack Prieš 15 val
Castlevania is so freaking good, 10/10 - DaWolfPack
head crap
head crap Prieš 15 val
dude where i live its been 45 degrees for months now, and your complaining about 30degrees dont even count humidity which is so goddamn shit.
Coswalker Prieš 15 val
I wonder since the castlevania end. Will devil may cry anime be next or somethings else?
Prieš 15 val
i wonder if Joey is into makima supremacy or power supremacy
EMRIK TEVAN Prieš 15 val
My dad's hawaiian he went to japan in 94 and had confrontations with yakuza members he was staying in a hotel with his girlfriend that time two yakuza members came and in the same hotel for a drink. While they were drunk they saw my dad as a big gaijin (my dad's 6'5) dating a Japanese girl so they tried to spook my dad not too much serious but my dad being the hothead he is got well he was a young nan that time got super angry and told them meet him outside after that they started to gang up on my dad but my dad bring twice their size and had fighting experience before from his wrestling days he dunked one guy in the street on the concrete floor and his head got busted open and other guy ran away after two days when my dad was leaving the hotel 12-15 yakuza members came fully loaded with firearms to confront my dad obviously he got scared and they came to his room and told him he can work as a bodyguard for some of their clients if he doesn't agree then bad things will happen. My dad told them ok he will think about it. Later that night he returned home safely and nothing happened. He tells this story all the time in family gatherings
OtakuTacos XD
OtakuTacos XD Prieš 15 val
I was literally in the middle of playing the Atelier Ryza game while watching this in the background. That's an awesome coincidence. Love the video man.
Vust Valeo
Vust Valeo Prieš 15 val
Fire Punch is basically the origin story of Meramon from Digimon, lol.
At 1:44 what does hives means?
Sam TV
Sam TV Prieš 15 val
Couldn’t that guy from fire lunch just cut his limbs off to get rid of the fire?
Yamisen Prieš 15 val
Philippines has unpredictable weather... Yeah
GNORK Prieš 15 val
I guess it’s an unpopular opinion of mine, but I’ve watched Castlevania S1 and it didn’t hook me enough to make me wacht the latter seasons as they aired
13 faces
13 faces Prieš 15 val
Castlevania s2 was the best season and it really wasn't close. It goes s2> s1> s4>s3
Ayan Sahoo
Ayan Sahoo Prieš 15 val
That smirks face at 4:30 🤣
aarzav jain
aarzav jain Prieš 15 val
Damn part 2 better be up soon heheh😋
Bread Zeppelin
Bread Zeppelin Prieš 15 val
Where did you learn japanese Joey?
dylan jacobs
dylan jacobs Prieš 15 val
Joey my boy ! I knew you were the one! Castlevania is too Fucking good to sleep on.
jhsoup Prieš 15 val
This is where it all started.
Hiyyaaa Prieš 15 val
I am now hyped to watch Castavania
Jade Ward
Jade Ward Prieš 15 val
love three years later do more pewds
Niyam Man Singh Basnet
Niyam Man Singh Basnet Prieš 15 val
i wish i could read japanese
Lil Tangly
Lil Tangly Prieš 15 val
ive also been meaning to read fire punch for a while, this has definitely pushed me to read it it sounds so good
Vaishnavi Chaubey
Vaishnavi Chaubey Prieš 15 val
Well there you have it...he said it too....LOOK BACK IS VERY VERY WELL-WRITTEN
Zeddy Prieš 15 val
actually read csm because i was a fan of fire punch ... legit never knew it was gonna be this big cant wait 4 the anime
Ken Tan
Ken Tan Prieš 15 val
I fear farted when Joey told the Yakuza his name is Immortal Tatsu based from a manga
Tanishq Gour
Tanishq Gour Prieš 15 val
I finished fire punch just a week ago its feels nice that people will now appreciate it too
Lil Tangly
Lil Tangly Prieš 15 val
i will have to check out castlevania if the epitome of weeb, joey, says its great
puppeys_machete Prieš 15 val
Fire Punch just feels so raw. When the main characters were first introduced, i was wondering why they were named luna and agni and not Luna and Sun.
Eprot Prieš 15 val
Fujimoto has written a few one shots, all of them are interesting
nimay13 Prieš 15 val
I thought Conan was joking about that you can rent a family in Japan.
トシToshi Prieš 15 val
8:19 So the leader is Itachi
Skerra Prieš 15 val
The start of the interview when Joey joked about his name made me want to run away so bad.
E. Min
E. Min Prieš 15 val
epistemology aint the philosophy of thinking bru
yjck Prieš 15 val
i’ve heard about the footsteps one while i was in a competition because i was trying to create a energy harvester and that gave me inspiration (vibration)
FastBoi Prieš 15 val
Falcon Punch !! 😂
Miles Lacuata
Miles Lacuata Prieš 15 val
Fire Lunch
Ray Prieš 15 val
"anime or not this has been better than a lot of anime" aight imma check that out real quick 🏃
Akol Prieš 15 val
he was forced to watch anime and Vtubers
Alem Norbaev
Alem Norbaev Prieš 15 val
Dear Joey, this video was great! But could you make the subtitles more notable next time? It was pretty to hard to read them
mordor259 Prieš 15 val
Breaking news: TheAnimeman says not watching anime leads to a good life.
Luke s.w
Luke s.w Prieš 15 val
You shld have named this a Jojo Stand off
Paul Almiñe
Paul Almiñe Prieš 15 val
The ending of that fire punch manga was so confusing for me. I just don't get it. To what happens when he meet his sister.
Disha Jain
Disha Jain Prieš 15 val
Fun fact: Agni literally means fire in Sanskrit.....
cece Prieš 15 val
this is the first i watched from you, so i don't know if you get japanese culture or not or if it's just your personality, but i think you came off a bit disrespectful (at least to me) i'm not japanese nor do i study japanese, but that behaviour wouldn't fly in my country
cece Prieš 15 val
i get very american vibes from him and don't mean anything in a bad way. these are just my 2 cents lol
cece Prieš 15 val
@Talhiya Khatib and yet he doesn't know that you don't cross your arms when you talk to someone? ._.
Talhiya Khatib
Talhiya Khatib Prieš 15 val
He's half Japanese from his mom's side and has lived in the country for a few years
Ron NY
Ron NY Prieš 15 val
Crazy rich Asians is indeed the best anime of all time.
Zex Grayson
Zex Grayson Prieš 15 val
**watches Castlevania S4** Joey : "HOWS IT GOING EVERYONE ITS THE A N I M E M A N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Gamercat Prieš 16 val
Hey son, im glad that you could share your thoughts on Chainsaw man! Good editing, keep it up!
ᗪ乇ㄥㄖ尺乇几乙ㄖ Prieš 16 val
i really want to see fire punch get more attention i love how fire punch tells it story
ՏᕼO• Prieš 16 val
"I don't watch h3ntai i read it"
Sagar Gabhane
Sagar Gabhane Prieš 16 val
He wrote June below intro of otaku monthly connection 😂😂😂So lazy to edit
Brayden Clancy
Brayden Clancy Prieš 16 val
I'm gonna say it Fma brotherhood, was alright. It had good moments and storytelling but overall did not excite me that much
Anime Luu
Anime Luu Prieš 16 val
Коста Гаћина
Коста Гаћина Prieš 16 val
I'd rather die, than eat a another human being, that's a line I wouldn't cross...
Collin Halverson
Collin Halverson Prieš 16 val
I rewound this and rewatched the beginning five times before starting the actual video.
SAMA Prieš 16 val
the drip soundtrack stopppp 🤣🤣
Коста Гаћина
Коста Гаћина Prieš 16 val
Joey literally doesn't watch Anime and then goes and says that Castlevania is the best show in recent years...
Коста Гаћина
Коста Гаћина Prieš 16 val
I've been trying for almost 2 years, WHAT IS THE NAME OF THAT CHILL BACKGROUND SONG???
Stan ummUMMummyathatwilldo
Stan ummUMMummyathatwilldo Prieš 16 val
thank you anime man i watched the first season of Castlevania and im a fan of the games but didn't hear about more and you saying that there are now 4 seasons sent shivers down my spine you gave me a joygasim saying that it didn't dip like most series do i haven't watched it yet but this moment makes me excited for more of what i love thank you for your content you never disappoint ive read some of what you recommend for manga and i can trust you word deadtube (just naming my fav) kept me on edge and made a few days full of joy in my life again thank you for what you do
Xander Prieš 16 val
I got my 2nd shot 3days ago oh god the following 2 days I had volatile vomiting it was bad I couldn't sleep at night
Ishmum Faysal
Ishmum Faysal Prieš 16 val
This is for manga readers so don't read if you haven't read or plan to watch the anime Makima became boring after the big reveal. Basically a one dimensional I want to create an utopia villain.